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  • Increased global competition,  firms are finding it difficult to differentiate their brands. break through the media jungle and cope with the consumers limited time (Hulten 2008 P31 – 43)
  • Its increasingly important for firms to think in terms of stimuli and consumer engagement (Hulten 2008 p43)
  • Firms must put emphasis on the relationship between the brand and the five senses (Hulten 2008 p42)
  • Sound can work as a tool for us to express our attitudes and opinions but also show our social belonging (Schouten, Mcalexander1995)
  • A brand is what generally enables us to have a relationship with a firm as as it contains promises, sets expectations, and creates a feeling of consistency (Davis 2000)
  • Audio branding as the intentional use of music , sound and voice to create a connection between people and organisations (Franus 2007)
  • Sounds can be linked to brands for in several different scenarios, for instance in advertising, consumer spaces, websites and products (treasure 2007 P155 – 233)
  • 99% of brand experience consists of what consumers hear and sees (Martin lindstrom 2005 p87)
  • Music can create a bond between consumers and brands (Fulberg 2003)
  • Advertising sounds can affect the consumers emotions towards the brand (Oakes 2007)
  • Kellers CBBE Model – Consumer – Based brand Equity

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  • “a brand can transform the way people see the world. It can change perceptions, preferences, and priorities” (Adamson, 2006, p. 219)
  • The brand message should be the same no matter where and when a customer interacts with the brand

  • Keller defines jingles as Musical messages written around the brand (2008, p164)
  • A common trait of all acoustical brand elements is that they effect us emotionally an increase brand recognition, often times beyond our awareness and our field of vision.
  • Must people don’t pay attention to TV ads – its important that a brand always reveals its identity acoustically by mentioning its name and /or another audible brand element
  • Ideally brand experiences provide a steady flow of fantasies, feeling and fun ( Holbrook / Hirschman 1982 P132)
  • “Creating cognitive problem solving experiences that engage customers creativity”(Schmitt 1999 P67) they engage customers by providing surprise, intrigue and possibly even provocation

After reading this report i can see that my topic is still too broad I need to narrow it down to a audible brand element

Rayan Parikh – 2009

"The approach of using music to connect with viewers on a deep emotional level rather than a rational or congnitive level in advertising fundamentally redefined it as a brand building tool."

Schmitt 1999

"Creating cognitive problem solving experiences that engage customers creativity"

Sounds like branding