Sinead Thesis



I’m currently studying for my Masters and am working on my Thesis. I’m interested in discovering new and more effective ways of creating customer engagement online, using music.

I have come up with the following idea

the brand has a message – the brand needs a platform to spread their message – the brand needs to create interest in their message therefor an engagement tool is needed


Message – Brand

Platform – Online

Engagement Tool – Music


“Now, in days where content scarcity no longer exists, experience is the product…Content is no longer king. Its throne has been taken by experience” Mark Mulligan


“Music can create a bond between consumers and brands”(Fulberg 2003)


I have been trying to find examples of this



t mobile


Ambercrombie and Fitch – playlist link





I would love to get peoples opinions on this subject and if you know of any more examples let me know




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Rayan Parikh – 2009

"The approach of using music to connect with viewers on a deep emotional level rather than a rational or congnitive level in advertising fundamentally redefined it as a brand building tool."

Schmitt 1999

"Creating cognitive problem solving experiences that engage customers creativity"

Sounds like branding

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