Sinead Thesis

Brands using music to enage customers online

Posted on: August 21, 2011


Subway – Sub-Beat

holding a prize draw to give one the ultimate VIP gig experience, and you can get creative, remixing our music track, with the SUB-BEAT Sequencer.

Talk Talk – Xfactor

Craete a video – singing or dancing

Brand’s – Music changes lives

collaboration with Wang Lee Hom, we introduced BRAND’®Music Changes Lives in 2010 to help these young musicians pursue their dreams in the field of music. BRAND’S® is proud to present this event again this year as a platform for young aspiring musicians to showcase their talent.
New Era – “Fly your own flag”

Got two turntables and a microphone? Then you’re already in good shape for our New Era “Fly Your Own Flag” competition here on OurStage.

Honda Civic – Sounds of Civic

Competition now closed – creating or vote on songs

Converse – Get out of the garage

Becks – The green box project

Introduction from Beck’s Green Box Project on Vimeo.



Kodak – So Kodak

You know you’re so Kodak. Why not share with your world? All you need is a new Kodak digital camera. Press the Share button and in three simple steps you can upload pictures to FACEBOOK, FLICKR, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, KODAK Gallery sites, or e-mail. We make it so simple to be so Kodak.

Coca Cola – Maroon 5 24 Hour Live Session – Creating the Song

music fans of the world for tuning in and helping inspire Maroon 5 to write a new song in just 24 hours. You can relive the best moments from the session

Lucozade – Yes

At Lucozade, we’re all about seizing the moment and making it happen. Be inspiring, be positive, be active – whatever you do we’re here to help you get involved and make the most of life. Because to us, energy is everything.


T-Mobile – Electronic Beats

Lifestyle magazine site – new music, artists

Mountain Dew –  Green Label Sounds

New music, reviews, video’s

Vitamin Water – Uncapped


1 Response to "Brands using music to enage customers online"

A great idea to put your Thesis up. I really enjoyed reading it and found it fascinating. From a non-techi, as you know, that says a lot. Brilliant. XX

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Rayan Parikh – 2009

"The approach of using music to connect with viewers on a deep emotional level rather than a rational or congnitive level in advertising fundamentally redefined it as a brand building tool."

Schmitt 1999

"Creating cognitive problem solving experiences that engage customers creativity"

Sounds like branding

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