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Thesis Presentation – Progress of Work

Posted on: February 16, 2011


2 Responses to "Thesis Presentation – Progress of Work"

Hello, Sinead!

I’m interested in your exploration of how to measure the ROI of audio branding. If you’re up for a conversation sometime, perhaps we could compare notes.

You can check out my latest post on the subject and find all my contact information there:

Best of luck as you continue working on your Thesis!


Hi Steve

Thanks for the interest – i’m just starting on my research journey and i hope it will open many interesting doors in to using music as a customer engagement tool. That would be fantastic to compare notes, i’m finding this topic so interesting. I’l be sure to contact you as soon as I get stuck in to my research

Many Thanks

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Rayan Parikh – 2009

"The approach of using music to connect with viewers on a deep emotional level rather than a rational or congnitive level in advertising fundamentally redefined it as a brand building tool."

Schmitt 1999

"Creating cognitive problem solving experiences that engage customers creativity"

Sounds like branding

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